Stowmarket Smashes Records with it’s GBTW

Stowmarket Smashes Records with it’s GBTW
17th August 2016 suffolkt_admin

Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club held it’s Great British Tennis Weekend in the mid-Sunday in between the two Wimbledon weeks and the result has smashed the Club’s recent record for new memberships on an open day.

Last year, a huge push as part of the May 2015 Great British Tennis Weekend at Stowmarket saw a large turn out on the Open Day, but very poor take of new memberships. Stuart Beaton, the Club Chairman said "last year was a fantastic day, but there was just no urgency or impetus for those who came along on the day to join the Club. The Committee concluded that among other things, the heavy Great British Tennis Weekend focus on ‘Play Tennis for Free’ meant exactly that, lots of people looking to try tennis for free and none wanting to join the Club".

So with the context from last year, we asked what Stowmarket did differently this year.

"It’s very important for the Club to showcase it’s facilities to the Community as part of any Open Day however, the focus must be on driving membership given that’s the main outcome the Club is looking for. As such, ALL of the Club’s marketing including, social media, local paper, Club banners and word of mouth was heavily focused on discounted membership which would be available to those turning up on the day. The discount also has to be at a level that would be attractive to prospective members who are perhaps not sure about joining in case they don’t get use out of their membership. We agreed that 30% discount was a level that would be attractive and get people interested, with the real upside for the Club not just them joining this year but their retention in the years to come"

"We had targeted 10 new members as a measure of a successful Open Day. In the end, the Open Day saw 36 new members taking up the membership offer and joining the Club. A massive achievement and one that means the Club’s membership is now forecast to be 20% higher than last year, which was already a strong membership year"

Stowmarket’s drive to get new members at their Open Day has had a big pay off. The Club’s membership base already provides for the Club’s running costs as well as a level of planned capital expenditure throughout the year (including maintenance of their winter air hall). The additional income and members will continue to ensure the sustainability and success of the Club in the years to come. Beaton commented further that the overwhelming feedback from new members was how welcoming the Club felt and how impressed people were with the setting as well as the structured and progressive program the Club has for juniors at the Club.

For more information and tips on running your open day, see Stowmarket’s web site at where you can also contact the the Club for more information.