Promoted back to the top in County tennis

Promoted back to the top in County tennis
24th September 2018 Polyspiral
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Suffolk County Men’s 70s tennis team are delighted to be back in the top Division 1 of the GB Inter- County Men’s Seniors Tennis Championships. In 2017 they were relegated, greatly missing their strongest singles player Mike Ellis who was unavailable through injury problems for most of the matches. But this year the 6 man squad has won all of its matches in their section of Division 2. The closest match was against Sussex when the two teams tied 2-2 in rubbers played and then were also equal in sets under the ‘count back’ rule. However after adding up  the total number of games  won Suffolk came out on top by a single game, coming from behind to do so in the last part of the last set to be finished! Things could not have been closer! In their other matches Suffolk beat Norfolk 3-1 Northumberland 3-1 and West of Scotland 4-0 while Cambridgeshire conceded their match.

The Suffolk squad consisted of 5 players from local clubs – Risbygate (Mike Ellis and Kelvin Morton) and Ipswich Sports Club (Keith Palmer (Capt) and Hugh Lyons, with Martin Rodgers providing additional support) and with Jim Booth, who lives in London, also playing in every match.

Hugh Lyons, Mike Ellis, Jim Booth, Keith Palmer (Capt) and Martin Rodgers

Kelvin Morton is missing from the photo which was taken at the last match of the season