County Chairman’s 2018 Summer Update

County Chairman’s 2018 Summer Update
10th August 2018 Mike
In County News

I am pleased that we now have been able to refresh our website, we have been working on as we see this a valuable tool of conveying information out to you all. We have let this go for a while but are now keen to see it kept up to date.  We are in the process of updating the material within to hopefully make it more informative and interesting to all users. The intention is to use the website sending out the latest news about County, Club, Coaches & Players activities and opportunities. We are hopeful that in time we can get some of the tennis leagues to be able to get clubs to register their results onto the system. We will also be using the website to display County information e.g. our Sponsors information, Constitution, Policy’s and records of County Competitions results and reports which used to be included in our County handbook. Any contributions from clubs to provide articles of news / promotion of events and reports on events are always welcome. Please forward these to our County Secretary who pass them on for publication. This will be a live and active website, bear with us as we develop the content and bring it up to date.

With the summer period comes plenty of opportunities for everyone to get on court and enjoy some tennis whether its competitive or for social play. Have a great and enjoyable time.

More details of these are contained within other sections of the website.